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The Importance of Obtaining an Accurate Business Valuation

When an individual is seeking to sell his or her Wisconsin business, it is important to determine what the company’s actual value is. This can be a complex issue with a number of questions that must be answered in order to know the business’s value. Fortunately, Beacon Business Group can help its clients to determine the true value of a business for sale, whether they are intending on selling the company or need its current value for other purposes.

When determining the value of a business for sale, there are a number of factors must be taken into account. For example, in many cases determining the value of the company may require effectively evaluating intangible items, such as customer good will and over all community reputation. Beacon Business Group’s experienced and knowledgeable mergers and acquisitions (M&A) brokers are experienced at evaluating these factors in order to determine the business’s total value.
One area where an opinion of value is vital is in estate planning. This is especially true if the owner intends that his or her business interest should be divided among the family’s heirs. By determining the value of the business, Beacon Business Group can assist both the owner and his or heirs in arriving at a mutually satisfactory estate planning solution.

Finally, knowing the company’s value can help in ensuring that only serious buyers are considered. An owner who fails to obtain an effective valuation of his or her business will be unable to determine if a potential buyer has the resources to carry though on the agreement. Since Beacon Business Group can provide a solid valuation of the business, there is no need to waste time on those who simply cannot afford the company’s ultimate selling price.

No matter the owner’s ultimate goals, knowing the true value of their business is a vital first step. Beacon Business Group can value a business for sale in a way that protects the interests of the owner. Most importantly, Beacon can ensure that Wisconsin business owners can avoid the pitfalls awaiting individuals who attempt to sell their business without a full understanding of its value.

We will provide a no cost opinion of value of your business. Call (414) 988-6022 or (608) 828-9990 today to see how we can help you protect the legacy of your business.

Current Market Value

Most business owners largest financial asset is their business. When you start your wealth management plan knowing the current market value of your business is critical.

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