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Seminars & Events To Help Sell Your Business

Accountants, Bankers and Financial Planners - Contact Beacon Business Group to schedule a free seminar for your clients.  Our seminars are  designed to encourage your clients to work closer with you to prepare their business and their personal financials for the inevitable sale of their business.   The philosophy we live by is business owners need a team of advisors working for them.  When the right team is in place we can  prepare and execute an Exit Strategy that protects the business, their families and employees as well as maximizing the financial benefits for the owner when business ownership is transferred.  


"How to Increase the Value of Your Business"

This seminar is for those who are contemplating selling their business and seeking the best way to increase the business value and therefore the selling price.


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Prepare to Sell Your Business

Preparing a business for sale is a lengthy and complicated process. Start now so you can sell your business when you want to and not when you have to.  

If you would like this presentation scheduled for your clients please contact us.

Getting Prepared

Preparing your business to sell is a lengthy and complicated process. Start now so you are in control of when you sell and to maximize your financial benefits from all of your hard work.

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